M6 kam schon fehlerhaft auf den Markt

Die M6 Wirbelsäulenprothese kam bereits fehlerhaft auf den Markt. Das berichtet Christophe, der den Blog für Betroffene führt. Er und seine Mitstreiter kämpfen wie die Durom- oder ASR-Patienten für Gerechtigkeit und gegen die mafiösen Strukturen bei Medizinprodukten. Doch allen steht die übermächtige Phalanx der Medizinproduktehersteller gegenüber. Im Gegensatz zu den betroffenen Patienten verfügen die Hersteller über unbegrenzte Finanzmittel, kriminelle Energie und rücksichtslose Skrupellosigkeit.

Im Folgenden ein Auszug aus dem englisch-sprachigen Blog von Christophe:

The M6 Disc is far from being perfect

Recording of this conversation with Peter Kollings and VP, Joe Ross has been shared. This is seriously unethical and criminal to offer implants having a design defect and put thousands of lives at risk. When the Sr. Director of Quality Assurance tells you that the M6 Disc is far from being perfect we are seriously wondering what it means ! This Quality Director recently left Orthofix.


We can see on this image that the M6-C disc is far from being perfect.
Orthofix is trying to cover up their failures to monetize the M6 Disc

This is just to respond to Orthofix and their extremely gentle Product Liability Lawyer Ms Ginger Pigott who reached out to patients who had issues with the M6 Disc. Ms Pigott said Orthofix does not agree with the information posted on this blog and that we had no scientific evidence. She said she would reach out to us again but never did.

Ms Pigott should know we posted 60 pages full of scientific evidence on this blog to show that the M6 Disc Design is a total failure ! We understand that Orthofix spent $200 Million to get an FDA clearance for the M6 and really wants to get its investment back so ruining the patients lives to monetize the M6 Disc is the only way just like when Orthofix sold defective spine a fusion screw banned worldwide to Brazilian surgeons and arranged for this screw to be the only one sold in Brazil before Brazilian patients started to develop a bone reaction to the material.

Ms Pigott said during the meeting we had on Zoom that:

Orthofix will never compensate all the victims who experienced M6 Disc failures because if they would do it Orthofix would get bankrupt and would not have the fund to innovate in the future

So we understood that Orthofix test their medical devices on patients as no Human Studies have been found so far (the only studies found were done on rabbits and goat for the M6) and then leave the patients broken financially, psychologically and physically. Orthofix offered 6000 euros as settlement to a woman who will never work again. That’s the kind of care Orthofix offers to its M6 recipients.

M6 disc completely failed.

A complete failure after just a few days of implantation !

M6 disc completely failed.

Orthofix has been repetitively commiting crimes. Here are all the links:












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